Our Key Ingredients

Sourcing high quality, premium ingredients is our main focus because what goes into our products is what makes Agribeauty so special. Our new Olive Nectar line features certified organic California olive oil from historic groves in northern California. This olive oil is extremely high in healthy polyphenols and that translates into ultra nourishing skin care. In fact, there are valuable phenols and enzymes in the entire tree and that is why you'll also see we use the leaf, stems, and seed as well as the fruit oil. We use as few ingredients as possible to create concentrated, healthy skincare.


Our organic olive oil is heritage Mission and boasts a very high polyphenol content and is grown in the natural farming method. This means that the trees are spaced far apart and are allowed to grow with only the sun and rain they receive naturally. This tough-love approach to farming makes for stronger trees that produce significantly higher quality oil with bioactive polyphenols that are among the highest in the world.

Withstanding fire, drought, and disease, the olive tree is a symbol of health, friendship and peace around the world. The story of the olive in America began when Spanish missions were established in California (1769 to 1835) and large olive groves and fruit orchards were planted. The Mission Olive, as it's known today, continues to be farmed on a limited scale by conscientious ranchers in northern California who work to preserve this special variety of olive. 

Organic Olive Leaf

Olive Leaf contains high concentrations of polyphenols hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein. Our hand harvested olive leaves are organically grown in California. The powerful polyphenol hydroxytyrosol is found in the olive leaf and on the skin, it acts as a shield against harmful external influences. Hydroxytyrosol is the only polyphenol that is able to cross the blood brain barrier, allowing it to scavenge free radicals. Hydroxytyrosol is the most powerful natural antioxidant currently known with impressive anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and protective health benefits.

Our olive leaf extract is made from the leaves and stems of certified organic California grown olive trees. We cut basal stems (young growth with the most potent phytochemicals) from mature trees and allow the stem and leaves to dry in the sun. We then prepare our extraction or hydrosol using steam distillation,  organic glycerin, and organic grape alcohol. 

Organic Olive Seed Oil

Olive Seed Oil comes from the tiny bone or kernel inside the olive pit.  Olive seeds are tiny but they contain a rich source of powerful bioactive compounds that are especially great for our skin. Researchers have found that the seed within the olive stone contains up to 100 times more polyphenols and antioxidants than conventional olive oil.

One of the main constituents in olive seed oil is hydroxytyrosol. Hydroxytyrosol is a powerful polyphenol that is able to cross the blood brain barrier, which allows it to scavenge free radicals and repair cell damage. Hydroxytyrosol is found in all parts of the olive tree but the most concentrated is in the seed. Another key ingredient in olive seed oil is squalene (not to be confused with squalane, which is a processed, hydrogenated derivative of squalene). In its natural form, olive squalene is similar to our own sebum and it improves elasticity, protects and maintains skin youthful appearance.

Olive seed oil has an intense olive aroma and is a deep amber color. Using the whole olive, Agribeauty products incorporate the stem, leaves, fruit, and seed of the olive tree.


California Plum oil is a beautiful natural skin oil and is an ingredient found in many of our Agribeauty products. This California grown oil is pressed from the seed kernel inside the pit of the prune fruit.

Plum oil has a naturally fragrant cherry-almond aroma, that beautifully distinguishes it from other oils. It is very rich in gamma-tocopherals which are a potent form of vitamin E that benefits uneven and problem skin. It is effective in reducing oxidative damage and as a high oleic acid oil, it absorbs deeply into the skin layers offering intense nutritive moisturization.


Rose geranium is one of the world's most loved fragrances. With a rose and herbaceous aroma, Rose geranium is calming to the mind and used to lift spirits and balance moods related to hormonal swings. On the skin, Rose geranium helps to reduce redness and balance over dry or over oily skin.

Grown locally, our organic Rose geranium is steam distilled and droplets of pure essential oils from the flowers and perfumed leaves are present in our hydrosol mist. We carefully choose the ingredients in our formulas not only for their sensory attributes but for the powerful bioactive constituents in the plants themselves. Rose geranium is an example of a beautiful ingredient that also exhibits considerable inhibitory effects against harmful microbial organisms.

Organic Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a valuable medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years. The leaves of the plant store water and it's in this gel-like pulp where the plant's bioactive compounds are found. These include vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that are beneficial in healing wounded skin.


Found in our Olive Nectar Cream, our organic aloe vera juice is grown in the United States and has not been reduced to a powder. This therapeutic juice helps with skin hydration, can calm redness, and speeds recovery of damaged or broken skin.

Organic Grape Alcohol

Organic Grape Alcohol is a neutral spirit (190 proof) that is produced here in the Napa Valley from local wine. To extract the valuable plant properties in our organic olive leaf and rose geranium and make our tincture, we use organic grape alcohol as the solvent.

The grape alcohol also acts as a preservative in some of our products. The quality and type of alcohol we use is very different from common rubbing alcohol and it is not drying or sensitizing to the skin.

Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

Radish root ferment filtrate is a preservative we use to keep your products free of harmful yeasts, mold, and fungus that can quickly develop in products that are not properly preserved. Preservatives are necessary in products that contain any liquid. That can be water, aloe vera, hydrosols, tea, infusions, etc. and because we want our lotions and creams to last longer than a few day we must preserve them. 

Radish root ferment filtrate is a powerful probiotic-based product created by the fermentation of Lactobacillus - one of the species of microorganisms used to produce fermented products, such as kimchi and sauerkraut. Lactobacillus is capable of restricting the growth of other microorganisms by acidifying its environment. This fermented ingredient also enhances our formulas with its skin softening properties.