Chardonnay Body Lotion is a luxuriously creamy lotion that is made with over 30% Napa Chardonnay. This lotion is created using a special process that preserves the wine's properties and aroma - and yes, it does smell like wine! Chardonnay winegrapes contain polyphenols, tyrosol and caffeic acid (which act as anti-inflammatories and antioxidants), and potassium. On the skin this translates into a protective and nourishing treatment. In addition, the fermentation of the grape gives the resulting wine a gentle exfoliating action leaving skin softer and brighter.

Chardonnay Body Lotion - Wholesale

  • chardonnay wine from napa valley, aloe vera juice,* california plum kernel oil, glycerin,* emulsifying wax NF, radish root ferment, blend of organic essential oils*


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