The Plum Oil Bar

The Plum Oil Bar is an extra large natural soap bar weighing a whopping 12 ounces (most soaps are 4 oz)! It is made with only saponified California plum kernel oil, certified organic coconut oil, and a touch of organic castor oil (we do not use palm oil in our soap). This non-drying, gentle soap has no added scent, is moisturizing, and has great cleansing power. It has a rich sudsy lather but will not dry out your skin. Made especially for those who wash their hands often and also for use in daily cleansing in the bath or shower.


This is a healthy natural bar of fragrance-free soap containing over 60% vitamin E rich plum kernel oil. Our bars are made in small batches in wooden molds and are hand cut and stamped. Each batch cures for a minimum of eight weeks after being hand cut. If you wish, you can cut the bar in half.


Unlike commercial soap, our handmade Plum Oil Bar retains 100% of the glycerin that is created in the soap making process. It is a natural humectant, drawing moisture to your skin all day. Great for those with very dry skin, excema, or sensitive skin. We use no fragrance oils or essential oils and simply blend plum beauty oil, with organic coconut and a touch of castor oil to create this simple, yet luxurious bar soap. For face washing, this bar is much more economical than face washes and cleansers and will not strip your skin of moisture but will remove all traces of the day's sweat, makeup, and pollutants.


Handmade soaps are made much differently than commerical bars. Because this bar contains a high percentage of natural oil instead of detergents or surfactants - and natural glycerin - your bar should never sit in water. To extend the life of your Plum Oil Bar, we recommend keeping it on a soap dish and allow it to dry between uses. 


We have new handmade hardwood soap rests for you to help extend the life of your soap. You can also rub the top of the soap without picking it up to make it last even longer.  This method is good for sink-side face or hand washing.

The Plum Oil Bar


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