Wood Soap Rest

Keeping your natural Plum Oil Bar dry on a wood soap rest like this one will make it last much longer. Natural soap contains glycerin and pure oils and if left to sit in water, handmade soap will get soft and disappear much faster than a traditional detergent bar. These beautiful handmade wood soap rests are made in the USA of rot-resistant oak. This soap dish is extra large to accomodate our hefty Plum Oil Bar and the wide grooves allow water to drain away fast and for air to circulate, extending the life of your soap. If needed, drop in the washing machine occasionally to clean.

Wood Soap Rest

  • Approximate dimensions: 4 1/2" x 3 1/4 x 3/4

  • North American oak wood, sanded. There is no finish, paint, or oil applied to the wood. It is unfinished and because oak will not rot like softer woods, your new soap rest will last for years.

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